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Setting Surly In Stone

March 24, 2011

So if you’re a long-time Surlyan (Surlyite? We’ll need to vote on this at the next cult meeting) you know that I’m crafty. Not just in that charmingly devilish way either. Well not crazy crafty like Martha Stewart. I mean I can’t draw or paint. I don’t sew, scrapbook, or bedazzle. However, I do, on occasion mosaic stuff. Nothing fancy. I like to keep it abstract for the most part so that no one will know when I’ve screwed it up. Anyway, I’ve mostly been winging it over the years in true amateur fashion. Recently I thought I’d try stepping up my game and I signed up for a class at the local community college. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I’d signed up for a real art class where they expected me to make art. First class I was pretty sure I was well out of my league, as was my instructor. But I figured, what the hell!

The project assigned the class was to do a portrait. So, I decided who better to do a portrait of than myself? I’m all kinds of fab. Well, at least my alter-ego is! A wee bit of background on the avatar that has become synonymous with Ms. Surly is in order for the neophytes in the cult of Surly. In July of 2009 A&E heralded a new season of their show Mad Men with a tool on their site that would allow you to Mad Men Yourself. This was when Ms. Surly made her official debut dressed for a summer cocktail party. While’s she’s since changed her outfit, she’s not put down her drink or put out her cigarette.

So the project began with tracing the image onto the 10″ x 10″ board that would be the base of my project.

Being as her pearls are one of her most precious possessions, they were one of the first items I made using millefiore. They were also the easiest. Then, piece by piece using peach coloured stained glass, Ms. Surly’s face came into focus.

The next challenge was her fabulous fur stole and Laura Petrie hair flip.

Then, all that was needed was to fill in the background, for which I decided to use a cloudy white stained glass, ’cause you know I’m all angelic, ethereal and shit.

The next step was to give her a grout facial and fill in all the cracks in her façade, of which there are many I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Finally buffed, polished, and set in place, she’s lauding her fabulousness all over the buffet in the living room. Right next to the polished silver ice bucket and the wine fridge. She knows her place.

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