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A Royal Obsession

April 5, 2012

So, as most of y’all know I work from home. No, I’m not some middle aged guy in my underwear doing telemarketing out of my mother’s basement you smart ass. I work in a nice home office in my pajamas and fuzzy slippers with labretards snoring at my feet. To give myself the illusion that I’m not all alone I tend to leave the television running in the background. I watch a whole slew of reruns, which is the bread and butter of cable’s daytime line up. When you watch these off brand channels you tend to get a lot of quickie infomercials instead of regular commercials. So, over time I’ve been exposed to a lot of nifty products that probably don’t really work, like The Schticky and the No! No! Hair.

But, today… well today was different. It was like an eye opening religious experience. There I was just minding my own business and pretending to work, when suddenly He appeared. I use the proper noun He, because, well, this man, Jack Charles, is a god. I know, you don’t believe me. But you’ll just need to see for yourself.

See? See what I mean? He makes The Most Interesting Man in the World look like a cheap imitation. I just had to know more about him the minute I saw him. His website describes him thusly

Mr. Jack Charles of Texas has a rare characteristic that only a few men are blessed with. He is both a “lady’s man” and a “man’s man”. Women are attracted by his rugged good looks and by the animal magnetism in the way he carries himself. He has that indefinable something that makes women stop what they are doing when he enters a room and at least acknowledge his presence. Men are comfortable in his company and consider him sociable, pleasant and agreeable with none of the arrogance and abruptness that sometimes are the traits of attractive and successful men.

Mr. Jack Charles keeps himself in good physical condition and is an excellent golfer. In addition to his skills and experience as a business executive in the engineering field, Mr. Charles has been an actor, a film producer and a producer of television infomercials, golf professional and engineer.

How has this amazing specimen of a man eluded celebrity until now? How can it be that we’re only just finding out about him now? Apparently Europe, and more specifically the Countess Donatella Pecci-Blunt, has had him under wraps.

By now I’m sure you’re as enamoured of Jack Charles as I am. Really. How can you not be? Now that he has two movie deals he’s working on, there’s no doubt he will soon be a household name and will be rivaling George Clooney for the affections of the female movie-going audience. Just remember ladies… I saw him first.

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  1. April 5, 2012 2:49 pm

    I am sharing that with the world. It is amazing.

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