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The Episode Where Israel Is Defeated By Facebook

March 4, 2010

Following on my theme of the month, ABC News’ website contains an article on the fact that the Israeli
military was recently forced to cancel a mission to arrest a number of Palestinian militants in the West Bank because one of its soldiers updated his Facebook status with sensitive military information. D’oh!

The unnamed soldier posted the following message: “On Wednesday we are cleaning out the village of Katana (nr Ramallah) – today and arrest operation, tomorrow an arrest operation and then please god, home by Thursday.”

It appears that this isn’t the first time Israel’s military operations have been compromised by Facebooking military personnel.  In 2008 a soldier was jailed for 19 days for uploading a photo to Facebook that contained sensitive imagery.

Seriously.  The internet is not a vacuum. 

People are watching and reading what you post.  There are people out there who monitor the internet: current and potential employers and colleges you or your kids may apply to. Not to mention your parents, friends, ex-lovers, and it would appear military and intelligence services worldwide.  Think before you post.

Read the entire article here.

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